How it works


PromisingDates is a modern FREE dating website. This is the place to find your future partner, your other half!

PromisingDates is different from other online dating sites. Only users verified with an email and mobile number can become active members at this site.

We operate this site on ethical principles. We openly publish our customer service phone number and email at this website so that you can actually contact us. When you contact us, you will be greeted by a real human being. We never use bots or any automated customer service systems.

Let your friends know about this site so that this site will grow and both you and your friends will benefit.

Standard membership is available FREE to everyone with a verified email and verified mobile phone number.

You can attact up to three times as many responses with a verified paid (premium) membership. This step provides you and other members additional assurance via the confirmed payment from PayPal or a credit-card payment.

All users at this site specify the following via their 'about me' profile: located country, state/province, city, zip/postal code, gender, year of birth (age), occupation group, education level, race group, height group, weight group and personal interests/hobbies. This wealth of information is available as filter criteria to you when search for your future partner!

Premimum membership is US $9.99/month. When you sign-up during this introductory period, you will receive 3 months of premimum membership when you pay the first month's membership!

Functionality matrix:

Function Visitor Standard member Premium member
Register for a free account
Verify email account
Contact support team via email
Receive priority support
Set/update password recovery questions and answers
Change password
Password recovery
Specify profile location
Specify and verify mobile phone
Create/update your profile
Set/update your profile photos
Unsubscribe from notification emails
Search for matching partners and view profile summaries
Make premium membership payment via PayPal/credit-card
View matching partner profiles
Introduce oneself to potential future partners
Exchange messages with potential future partners
Display 'premimum' trust icon in profile search results
Display 'premimum' trust icon in profile
Receive email notifications of unread messages
Tag inappropriate profiles
Close account


For your enhanced security, we compute mathematical hashes of passwords and secret answer text for storage and verification, and never the plain-text values.

Your membership payment will be processed securely via PayPal. We do not auto-renew membership. We never receive or store your credit card details or other confidential payment details.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us.